Kali Destroyer Oil Empowerment


This oil infusion is a powerful force for Kali energy in your life to

help overcome all difficult situations and give you power against

anyone, without reservation, who considers you their enemy

and to assist you in all difficult spiritual

practices and rituals. In this empowerment  i been attuned to

the energy of this sacred Kali Destroyer oil infusion, and i

be able to attune any other oil with it as well whether it is some

kind of massage oil, salad dressing, motor oil or cooking oil, it

will not matter. The flavor will be whatever it was before, and yet

it will be filled with the power of Kali.

What follows are the words of those from whom my Guru obtained this

oil. The printing in red are my own insertions.

Kali Blessed Destroyer Oil & Powder

Said to destroy curses, hatred, resentments, envy and any evil intention towards

you or your home.


Contains very hard to find herb powders and root powders native only to India

and Nepal. It is a tantric formula made with over 10 organic oils,

herbs and roots (Red Sandalwood, Cloves, Rose Oil, Tulsi, Black

Mustard Seed, Black Lotus Root and Seed, Hibiscus, Musk,

Jasmine, Black Cumin and Saffron). Blessed by Guru and offered

to Kali Ma

Use it to anoint that which you wish to protect, and it offers potent aid in

fending off evil influences and negative energies.

My line of Hindu power oils and powders are hand-blended from ancient

formulas in my possession. Most of these formulas are several hundred years

old and others are said to be several centuries old. They contain genuine

reputed lucky and magical herbs, essential oils and other sacred substances.

They succeed where others fail!

All items are based on tantric sources and are not to be confused with “so

called” magical oils you may see elsewhere!

Blessed through mantra and mudra for increased power!


* After bath, place 7 drops of oil on hand. Apply to arms, chest and back. * Use a SMALL amount of powder to sprinkle near front and back door of homes.
* Chanting “aum klim kalikaye namaha” 10 times morning and night

• Can be used on candles and other items.

I can use this oil for Tantric session for your request.

Or I can charge the oil for you, according to your request.


Jai Mahakali!


One thought on “Kali Destroyer Oil Empowerment

  1. How can I get these oils? I live in LA and appreciate what all of these oils are for. Best Wishes & Radiant Love Blessings 💫🌈❤️🧡💛💚🌎💜💗🌈💫

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