Kali Power Infusion Empowerment Process (Kali Oil).


This oil infusion is a powerful force for Kali energy  to help overcome all difficult situations and give you power against anyone, without reservation, who considers you their enemy, and to assist you in all difficult spiritual practices and rituals. I  attuned to the energy of this sacred Kali Power oil infusion, and I am able to attune any other oil with it as well whether it is some kind of massage oil, salad dressing or cooking oil, it will not matter. The flavor will be whatever it was before, and yet it will be filled with the power of  Kali.  

 These are the words of those from whom my Guru received this oil  : Tantric Formula Made with over 10 organic oils, herbs and roots (Red Sandalwood, Cloves, Rose Oil, Tulsi, Black Mustard Seed, Black Lotus Seed, Hibiscus, Musk, Jasmine and Saffron). Blessed by Guru and offered to Kali Ma Used for blessings of power from Kali Ma. All items used are sacred to Kali Ma and specific for gaining power over material and spiritual matters. Said to give power in difficult situations, enemies, dark forces and difficult sadhana practices.
Simple to use: There is no mantra needed. Simply wear oil daily after shower. Offer to Kali yantra, photo or idol if you have. Dust body with powder (the dried herbs ground into a fine powder and mixed with cremation ash) and mix a smaamount with rose water and wear as tilak paste.

I can use this oil for Tantric session for your request.

Or I can charge the oil for you, according to your request.


Jai Mahakali!



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