“SPIRIT OIL” Infusion Empowerment Process


This oil is to make things happen fast. A very special oil & very time consuming to make. This is an exceptionally powerful attunement that causes things to happen for you very quickly if you set up your written desires in a positive way. All things are available to us through Mahakali and in the spirit realm. Acknowledge that you have it there, and it will manifest here. The Infused oil, coupled with a sacred fire, will make it happen very quickly. So, be careful about what you desire. I have two words of caution for you: Do not make a rash emotional statement, especially involving the power of this oil or attunement to it, as it will happen quickly. And, be careful about violating the free will of others with it for just as the power of this energy will amplify the results then so too will it amplify the karma from us incorrectly. I  attuned to the energy of this “SPIRIT OIL” Infusion Empowerment Process, and I am able to attune any other oil with it as well whether it is some kind of massage oil, salad dressing or cooking oil, it will not matter.

         I can use this oil for Tantric session for your request.

        Or I can charge the oil for you, according to your request.


Jai Mahakali!



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