What is Chakra Tantra Reiki massage?


Chakra Tantra Reiki is a form of spiritual healing which specifically balances the female and male energies within the chakras and awakens the Kundalini energy to set free the strength and force running through our main shushuma (energy channel) which through the crown chakra unites humans to the universal creative and expanding force. Chakra Tantra Reiki is especially effective for the balancing of the male and female energies within us and helps us in discovering our animus/anima aspects as the psychologist Jung would define it, and to integrate these two energies and aspects of our personality. In Hindu philosophy these two polar forces are represented and reigned over by the deities Shiva and Shakti and are represented as the melting of yoni and lignam which metaphorically stand for procreativity through the joining of the heavenly male energies and the earthly female energies.
Chakra Tantra Reiki is the combination of chakra balancing through the integration of the polar energies and life force within us as well as the awakening of our creating force through the work on our main energy channel and will increase our ability to manifest our wishes through the concentration and wilful direction of our creating energies. This is a form of spiritual healing which can be combined perfectly with psychotherapy as an additional “body work” therapy to sustain the process going on in the psyche and soul and to remove blockages associated with female/male imbalance problems and father/mother issues. It is also helpful in re-invigorating our creative sexual energies and alleviating back pains due to energy blockages as well as improving fertility and personal power. Chakra Tantra Reiki combines energy healing with visualisation exercises and aroma oil massage and thereby is very effective in the removing of energy blockages and releasing of deeply held believe and behaviour patterns associated with our existence as woman or man on this earthly plane. Another important change resulting from Tantra Chakra Reiki is that the positive aspects of each facet of our personality will accentuate, which will bring about a perfect balance between the best aspects of male and female energies so that for instance your ability to express yourself emotionally will be balanced with your ability to be rational and  logical  and do not take things personal. As you discover your animus/anima side on a deeper level you will experience an improvement in the personal relationship you have with your friends and partner of the other gender. Furthermore, Chakra Tantra Reiki can release deep-seated childhood disillusionments and thereby free up the withheld energy associated with these events and bring about a steady and deep healing of childhood wounds. After the practicing and the attunement to Chakra Tantra Reiki most people report feeling grounded, experiencing an increase in libido and an improvement in their intimate relationships with their partners, a personal balance and an improvement in their social interactions and personal achievement in life. Furthermore, they feel more invigorated and energised and have more thrive to take on challenges and make new experiences and also it greatly helps them in developing personal power to manifest their wishes. Last but not least                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chakra Tantra Reiki works particularly well for people who suffer from back pains and lack chi (energy stored in kidneys as based on Chinese medicine) also called prana in Hindu.Chakra Tantra Reiki is a balanced approach to healing mind, body and soul by releasing energy patterns from all 3 levels through the use of massage, guided visualisation meditation and energy work reaching our deepest level.

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