The Mahakali Bliss Deeksha


The Mahakali Bliss Deeksha purifies the subtle force centers (Chakras) of the body and aids the awakening and ascension of the Divine Kundalini Energy, and gives you the ability to overcome all problems, illness, pains, afflictions and enemies in your life. It births the condition of Supreme Consciousness and Divine Intelligence in those who receive it, causes a hypnotic charm to radiate from those who receive it causing you to have many friends while your enemies fear to touch you, and Blesses you with wealth, fame, respect and a happy family life. Mahakali assures you of both material prosperity and Spiritual Enlightenment and Bliss while also making you be unattached from these things. True
happiness is not about the things you have, but is a state of mind, and yet the Goddess desires that you have Bliss, happiness and every good thing this world has to offer for you to experience. The Blessings of Her consort Mahakala (Known as Shiva by the Hindus) are also yours as well as He and the Goddess are sitting in Yab-Yum working on your behalf to insure Balance and Harmony in your lives.

When you have received this Blessing you will be able to give this Deeksha to others. The only requirements for doing so is that you invoke the Mahakali Bliss Deeksha, ask that all of the spiritual lineage of me assist with this, and that you be nude when you transmit it to others. The only exception to nude is that you may wear any ritual jewelry you may care to have on. Whether you are doing it in person or from a distance then it will be much more powerful for the recipients if they are nude as well, and state that they are open to receive the Mahakali Bliss Deeksha. The same goes for you when you receive it.
It is the desire of the Goddess that the Mahakali Bliss Deeksha always be given freely. She will more than amply repay you for the service you perform on Her behalf. Simply be open to receive the many good things that She brings your way.
The method for transmitting this Deeksha to others is to do as stated above, rub your hands together briskly to get your energy flowing, and hold your hands facing the person or group receiving the Blessing with your thumb and index fingers touching and forming a circle on each hand. If giving a distant Blessing then have your hands facing each other while visualising energy representing the individual or group receiving the Deeksha through you. The energy will run for three to three and a half minutes, and then will continue to flow into the recipients for at least thirty minutes.
The energy is best received by the recipient if they are wearing no clothes, and have thier spine straight. They may either be sitting or laying down on thier back. If they absolutely must wear something then they should wear silk, cotton, linen, wool, flannel, hemp or some other natural fabric, and then as little as they can. Mahakali Bliss Deeksha Givers must always be nude when giving the Blessing as this represents both Liberation from Illusion and the Freedom that the Goddess has given us.
Jai  Mahakali!

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