The Black Lotus Oil Empowerments



These are the words of those from whom my Guru received this:

“Use this special set to make all of your problems dissolve. Lord

Ganesh will shower his blessings upon you and open the

doors to a happier life, filled with joy and satisfaction.

Removes all obstacles from your path. Wonderful blend of 10

different oils, roots and gem powders that has the power to bless

the person who wears with luck, money and health.

Draws Divine Blessings and favors to the person. This oil is a

favorite of Lord Ganesh. Oil is blessed and a small amount from

each bottle is used first in puja to Lord Ganesh.

Incense from your pack is offered to the Lord during aarti.

We are the only source in the USA for this formula. Enchanting

scent. Made to order for full power. Allow time to blend and


1/2 oil

1 oz incense”

A few words of my Guru:

“I have sent you attunements for Kali Power Oil and Kali

Destroyer Oil before this, and this formula is exactly the same as

those with the addition of a cold press extraction from Black

Lotus seed. Then it is charged with 100,000 Ganesha mantras:


Do it non-stop and it takes about 13 to 14 hours to do them all if

you are really fast. Get some friends to help you, and it will be

both faster and easier….”

I can use this oil for Tantric session for your request.

Or I can charge the oil for you, according to your request.


Jai Mahakali!


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